Fight the battle

what you can do
  • Get Vaccinated
  • Social Distancing
  • Stay At Home
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Work From Home
  • Always Use Masks
  • Help the Covid-19 fighters
  • Support Daily Wage Workers
  • Donate Generously
  • Spread Awareness Not Hoaxes
  • Learn & Explore
  • Know Your Environment

The Real Super Heroes fighting Covid 19

On 24th of March, the PM of India announced an official lockdown in the country due to the wildly spreading pandemic “Corona Virus” aka Covid-19. Covid-19 is an infectious virus which is contagious and can even cause death. Every country in the world is still struggling to curb the spread of such a deathly virus and to find a vaccine for the same. While our nation is coming to terms with the lockdown and its potential effects – especially on the economy in a country like ours where 70% of our GDP is generated from agriculture and related activities.

Whilst most of us are sitting in the comforts of our homes and watching the news, we fail to realise that we are so privileged to have so many resources at our disposal. We have a roof above our head, food to keep us healthy and we are all indoors with our family spending the quality time we once craved while running the rat race. Even if most of us are bored staying indoors, we all secretly are enjoying the luxury of so many things that most others in our country don’t have access to.

But sadly, this is not true for all of our fellow citizens. There are a lot of people who risk their health and the safety of their families to make sure they are tending to us in such a time of crisis. These truly are the heroes of today: the farmers, the health professionals (doctors, chemists, para-medics, nurses, hospital staff, ambulances), administrators & facilitators (water, electricity, banking, cleaning & hygiene, transport), law and order maintainers (Police, Army, Security) and many more.
And thus an initiative by Pixel6 was born. An initiative to personally applaud and thank each of these heroes. It is of utmost importance to stand with them and support them in every way possible. Most people everywhere are supporting the Government by donating funds to help fight against the pandemic, but as a company, Pixel6 would also like to do something for these rightful heroes of today.

The team at Pixel6 collaboratively have decided to acknowledge at least 1 such person with a small token of appreciation who has been selflessly contributing to the society in such times of need. Someone who is still doing their duty in spite of the illness and risk involved, because of whom we can all sit in the comforts of our home without a thing to worry.

Each team member at Pixel6 will be submitting the information of any such person, they know and Pixel6’s little elves will send out a small gift to them on their behalf thanking them! It could be anyone that the staff really thinks deserves this. It may not be much but even a simple ‘thank you’ to such people makes a big difference. Lets appreciate their services, lets open our hearts and show them our respect. Lets make a difference, one hero at a time.

Moreover, as a CSR initiative Pixel6 has been approached by an NGO from Mumbai for Covid-19 Support Work and we have taken this opportunity up at ZERO cost for them and will try and assist them to the best of our capabilities.

Remember “we are in this, together“.